An RDBMS dev in a Graph World

03.11.20181 Min Read — In Tech

For 15 years my background was focused on relational databases. I had avoided any other type of technologies, and when my world did overlap with other technologies (mongo.. I'm looking at you), I never got to see the true capabilities as most people were jumping on the 'Big Data' wagon, and using the wrong technologies for the given use-cases.

This was particularly common in the finance world. A number of the investment banks forced Greenfield projects to be built using Big Data tech, and you could well imagine what the result was. Business users wanting to slice and dice data that was being stored in a document database. Dark times..

However, I was still very much aware that these technologies had an important place in the tech world. So in 2018 I moved back to N Ireland to settle down with my growing family and used this move to expand my knowledge of the greater Data World.

My blog posts in this section will be focused on what I am learning. I am a n00b to this type of architecture, but I have had a vast amount of experience with RDBMS. Is this a pro or con? According to GraphDB tutorials, having an understanding of RDBMS makes learning and Graph Database fairly simple. I would disagree with this. I may have an advantage as I understand process implications and generally know how data should be processed. But... if I treat a Graph DB in the same way as I Relational DB I would just end up with the same model that won't take advantage of the benefits that come with this type of technology.

Therefore, my future blogs in this section will show some of the mistakes that I have encounter, things that I have learnt and how my view on data models has evolved. I would envisage that a number of my first lot of posts will be short and simple and time will tell how this expands.