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CCypher Coalesce Nodes

05.02.20192 Min Read — In Graph

Cypher Coalesce Nodes Sorry that i have been so late in writing this one. I've been working on doing a Kafka/Neo blog, and intend to bring something out soon. In the meantime, I'll share this little…

BBreadcrumb in SQL and Graph

17.12.20185 Min Read — In Graph

Breadcrumb in SQl and Graph In the past I have been involved in multiple projects that display a hierarchy of some sort. Whether that be an accounting book structure or a people reporting hierarchy…

MMany to Many (RDBMS to Graph)

05.11.20182 Min Read — In Graph

Many to Many (RDBMS to Graph) One of the systems that I am currently working on is a migration from an Oracle DB to Graph. The ER diagram is similar to what can be seen in the original database. An…

CCoalesce vs IsNull (SQL Server)

04.11.20181 Min Read — In SQL Server

Coalesce vs IsNull (SQL Server) So, this is a bit of a fun short topic. In the past when I have interviewed for Senior SQL Server Developer roles, I have included the following question: What will…

AAn RDBMS dev in a Graph World

03.11.20181 Min Read — In Tech

For 15 years my background was focused on relational databases. I had avoided any other type of technologies, and when my world did overlap with other technologies (mongo.. I'm looking at you), I…